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Treasurer's Position 

SHAPE VT is currently seeking an enthusiastic and reliable person to serve as the Treasurer. The description is as follows. This is an unpaid position, however, a membership and a registration for the annual conference are included on a yearly basis. The time requirements are approximately 2-4 hours per month.  Ability to balance a checkbook needed. We will train! For more information, please contact Dr. Lisa Pleban, Executive Director, at lisa.pleban@castleton.ed

The Treasurer will:

  1. Serve as Chair of the Finance Committee.
  2. Advise the Board on financial issues.
  3. Be elected at the Annual Meeting for a term of three years.
  4. Maintain the accounts of the organization.
  5. Prepare materials for filing tax forms with SHAPE America each year. (summer)
  6. Present a financial report at all meetings of the Board. (approximately 5 per year)
  7. Guide the Finance Committee in preparing the budget for approval by the Board in May.
  8. Along with the Executive Director, be responsible for collection of dues, registration fees, payment of bills, and maintenance of non-profit status and selection of a bank.
  9. Upon appointment of an Auditing Committee by the President, see that the books are audited yearly.


2016 SHAPE VT Executive Board

Past President:Betsey Caldwell

President : Mark Weikert

VP – Health:  Tracey Gale

VP – Physical Education:  Cory Payson

VP – Recreation: Janna Webb

VP Dance: Adrienne Weld

VP – Adaptive PE: Geof Stent

Sr. Student Representative: Lacey Stever

President Elect: Phil Chaput

VP Elect – Health: Tamara Pless

VP Elect – Physical Education:  Matt Bristol

VP Elect – Recreation: Jason Lewis

VP Elect Dance: Kate McCord

VP Elect – Adaptive PE: Amanda Tepfer

Jump/Hoops for Heart: Carol Baitz

Jr. Student Representative: 

Treasurer: Glenn Steinman

Executive  Director: Dr. Lisa Pleban

American Heart Association Liason: Russell Beilke

Public Relations And Lobbying Liaison:  Greg Carpenter

Fitness Competition Chair: Emily Gibbs

Let's Move in School Chair: Lyn Porter


SHAPE VT  Board Documents


VTAHPERD Constitution and Operating Code

AAHPERD Conflict of Interest policy: to be signed yearly by all board members


VTAHPERD Volunteer form



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